The documents below offer concise discussions of important aspects of genetic determinism of intelligence and its social effects. They are the distillation of many years of research. I am eager to share them with as many people as possible, but they are copyrighted and should not be reduplicated without my consent.

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Lecture on Genetic Determinism

In this document, I summarize the evidence for genetic determinism of intelligence and other socially important traits and innate racial differences in them. It was originally a public lecture and is accompanied by three handouts that I distributed before the lecture and to which I refer during it.

Critique of Gould

Since its publication in 1981, Stephen Jay Gould's The Mismeasure of Manhas been the Bible of the opponents of genetic determinism of intelligence. In this document, I quote from reviews in the popular press, which were uncritically adulatory, and then reviews in scholarly journals, by experts, all of whom demonstrate that it is a mosaic of blatant lies and gross misrepresentations.

In the introduction to this document, I point out that Gould was a professor at Harvard for decades, where he taught a course entitled Biology as a Social Weapon, which consisted of attacks on genetic determinism. If genuine evidence or arguments against genetic determinism of intelligence existed, Gould would have known about them. In fact, if anyone would have been able to find or fabricate plausible lies, it would have been Gould. Instead, he was forced to rely on lies and distortions whose fraudulence is immediately obvious to everyone who is familiar with this subject.

Critique of Goleman

Since its publication in 1995, Daniel Goleman'sEmotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More than IQhas been the flagship of a fleet of books that Goleman authored or co-authored, and the foundation text of a world-wide movement that claims that what has been universally regarded as intelligence is merely one type of intelligence – cognitive intelligence – and is not as important as another type of intelligence – emotional intelligence.

In this document, I analyze every book and article that Goleman adduced to denigrate the importance of cognitive intelligence and the tests that measure it. I show that not one of them says what Goleman claims it says, and many say the opposite.

Sub-Saharan Africa Since the End of European Colonial Rule

This document consists mainly of quotations of observations on the catastrophic economic decline of sub-Saharan Africa since the end of European colonial rule. Most are from the impeccably liberal New York Times, New Republic and New York Review of Books.

(Some of these quotations are from pages 120-21 of Michael Levin's Why Race Matters and from Gedaliah Braun's Racism, Guilt and Self-Deceit.)